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Bleoag… a brief history. - I am the Band

A little back ground first, I am a database admin at a private company.  I have a background in IT and computer programming.  I have been a geek for many years now and I am proud of it.  Anyhow, I was showing some of my friends/co-workers some of my tunes and I was asking them what I should call my “band”. They thought I should go with something IT based, something that only a geek would get.  So I said to them “it is to bad I can't use the old modem sound from back in the dial up days” and that is when one of them said “sure you can” and proceeded to make the sound of the old modems screeching at the top of his lungs.  After laughing for a while I asked him how I could put that into a band name and he wrote on some paper the modem sound “BLEEEEEOOOOAAAAGGGGGGGG!”.   So that is how the name Bleoag came to be.  Now get back to work!!!