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Every weekend i used to pay a visit this website, for the reason that i wish for enjoyment, for the reason geckdkeedcgddebe
You are an amazing artist
а мне лично вкатило :)
Hello. And Bye. Thank you very much.
Hey mate, great site! Hope we'll meet again sometime! Greetings Blacky
nice work my friend. i love people that take the time to do guitar versions of cool classical stuff. Nevermind the idiots that talk shit in reactions to your Grieg video. Which relates to my question: i would love to have the backing track without guitars to play along! could you help me? Regards from holland!
I am a musician myself and also have and anime podcast and was looking for halloween videos and stumbled upon your music...great stuff. Keep up the good work...you sound a little like my favorite band so I have to give you total props. Nice job!
WOW. just... wow. you are amazing !
Just passing through after hearing the Pink elephants on parade metal version :) You've got alot going for you here, liked most the tracks. Keep up the good work. (This coming from a musician myself for 16 years)
Today I've featured your work in the Facebook group The History Of Metal: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=136464199703434 More, more!!! :)
Awesome tracks you've got there! So here's my suggestion: Look up 'A Night On Bald Mountain, Fantasia' on Youtube. NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE has tried to do a metal equivalent to the artful awesomeness & classical music of that video. DO IT.
great! I love the site.
I love this site. Good job sweets!