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Another NEW SONG! Pinch and Roll



Another new song? Only 6 months after the last new song? 

Yep... sometimes you get caught scratching your balls.

Here is a song about that. sit back and Pinch n Roll. You'll enjoy it.


New song and new album... eventually


It has been a while I know... but good things come to those who wait.  I have been working off and on (mostly off) with new music and I have enough to publish a new albums soon.  I just need to polish some of the songs and finish off some videos to go along with them. 

Check out the new video here




The Mysterious Stranger

The End of Us


Then End of Us.... this is how it will end if we don't stop it.  

You can download the song in the Music section under "Metal is my Business..."



Wow that wasn't good!


So I was updating the website with a new look and feel and BOOM!!  I lost a few posts and updates.  It now looks like I haven't posted anything since last April.  But instead of trying to get those old posts back I think I will just move on.  I have re-posted all the songs in the album folders and made them available for downloading again.  



New Metal tune


New song! 

I wanted to make an old 80's thrash metal song that would pay homage to the metal bands of that era, AKA Anthrax/Slayer.  I can't really shred like they do but I give it a try.  

You can download it here(Right Click and Save), no video this time around... just metal.





This new song is a remake again…. I know, I do a lot of remakes. 

Deal with it…

Here is my video for it.

Download the song here (right click)

It was Original done by “The Tommy Seeback Band” back in the 70’s.  For the original click here

I am assuming that Mr. Seebach thoroughly researched countless manuscripts and consulted with several tribal elders before producing his masterpiece.  It would only be in his best interests to ensure the authenticity of this fertility/warrior dance.

Be advised the power this song may have over others and yourself… it has been known to cause an increase in mustache rides when prolonged exposure occurs. 



New Songs!


I have two new songs this time around. Both where written months ago and have been sitting in the depths of my hard drive slowly being forgotten.  I figured I better send then out while I still can.  The first song is called "Three Part Art" and it can be downloaded here.  Why is it called that you ask? I don't really know... I was bored.  The other is called "The Clock" and can be downloaded here.  I was in a morbid mood and I thought this is what it would sound like to hear the clock of one's life chime for the last time... reflecting on their life at the time of death.  The idea was these thought's are pleasing amid all failures and successes.



Magnum PI remake!!!


I know there are lots of versions of this... but one more wont hurt.

You can download it in the "Remakes" section


Cowbell of the Four Horsemen


Don’t let their size fool you… they may not be the four horsemen, but they can ring the cowbell.

This is a little epic...

You can download the song in Music under The Third One


New Song and Video!


I know I know… what are you doing releasing both a song and a video for it at the same time? Well I have been busy with lots of stuff along with writing songs and finding propaganda cartoons to go with it.

This is an old Russian propaganda cartoon about the evil Christian United States of America and how it fight's for god and country and will strike you down where you stand… even the children aren’t safe. WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!


It is in the Music section under "The Third One"



New Video!


For Halloween I thought I would post a video of Hall of the Mountain King with me playing it.  Nothing to fancy… just some metal… and me.




New Song! Something Wicked


This is officially kicking of the 2010 Halloween season.  Halloween is my favorite time of year, so I thought I would make something that is a little creepy and eire.  

I wrote this song with Black Sabbath in mind and then put it to Nosferatu. That is an old black and white film from 1922 that was way before its time.

Watch my video on youtube here:

read up on that old film here


you can download this song in the Music section under The Third One


New Song! Nihilist


Here is a Metal Moment of Zen.  

The speaker in this song is Alan Watts, he is a Zen Master from the 70's.  He is a really intelligent guy and has some good things to say. 

It is posted in the player and you can download it in the Music section under The Third One






Latest release!  This week’s email has no Bleoag in it… “WHAT” you say?  “NO BLEOAG!?!”  Fear not for there are new tunes on www.bleoag.com , they are just from a little side project I like to call “FishFace”. 

On these tracks you will hear ‘Heavy Metal’, a genre of music FROM THE FUTURE!!!  Be dazzled by distortion, bombarded by bass beats and jitter bug to Gent.  You will hear such finger popping tunes as “Getting’ it on”, “Mary’s bringin’ it on”, and my personal favorite “Pugs in Space”.  These tunes are played by our gruesome foursome FIshFace featuring, Luke Stoddard the “Gravity Well”, who’s beats are so low he has his own Event Horizon.  Jason Primavera, or “Doctor E” with his fingers of wonder swirling in time.  Jesse Harding the “Key Master”, who is still waiting for the gate keeper.  And rounding out our quartette is Hadley Soffe, the “Foundation”, the only man who had been there and done that. 

FishFace!  In the Music section.



Following the Leader


New remake!!

This week I have a remake of the song “Following the Leader” from Disney’s Peter Pan.  

here is the Video

You can download the song in Music under the Remakes album



Metal Tango!


The latest song of mine is posted in the Music section under "The Third One" album.  

Take a listen, it is has one part Tango to two parts Metal.





In an effort to make all things metal, here is a brutal metal song about your alarm clock. I tried to channel Dethklok with this song and probably didn't quite lock in on them and their style.  But it is still pretty good.



New Song...


This song is an inside joke I have with a friend… we has a standing joke that my last name would make any product sound better, like Stoddard brand Brakes, or Stoddard Magazine… anyhow this song is a little different, so here you go.  I borrowed the writing style from a group called Cotchduster for this song




Live in Eternia


New Song! Live in Eternia

  This one was a recording of Bleoag at a live concert in Eternia.  It was a benefits concert to raise awareness for Super Heroes and their partners.  The concert was going along great until Skeletor shows up towards the end, and then things get weird.  (I know… I’m retarded) 

it is in the Live Shows section in Music.



New Song!


This one is a remake of an old 1960’s hit.  Five o’clock World by The Vogues. 

Take a listen and download it from the remakes section if you want.



Demons, Wizards and Nazis


I had this song recorded for a long time but i finally got around to making a music video for it.

It is comprised completely of clips from the 1977 cartoon "Wizards".  That show tripped me out as a kid... so the only logical thing to do would be to put it to METAL!!

Here you go...


Brand New Day


New Song!! Brand New Day.

This song will be used at my work with some of my other acoustic music as hold music for our phone system and customer service department.  I am pretty stoked because this is the first time I will be paid for my music! Woot!!  Go take a listen under my “Acoustic Stuff’ section in ‘Music’


School House Metal


I have another remake for the masses.  

This is an old "School House Rock" song called "Figure Eight".  It is from the multiplication series.  It was one of my Favorite songs growing up so I figured I would try my hand at remaking it into a metal masterpiece.... sorta.  My wife helped on some of the singing and she really did an awesome job.

Here it is:



and if you are wondering what the original one sounded like well... here it is




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