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Latest release!  This week’s email has no Bleoag in it… “WHAT” you say?  “NO BLEOAG!?!”  Fear not for there are new tunes on www.bleoag.com , they are just from a little side project I like to call “FishFace”. 

On these tracks you will hear ‘Heavy Metal’, a genre of music FROM THE FUTURE!!!  Be dazzled by distortion, bombarded by bass beats and jitter bug to Gent.  You will hear such finger popping tunes as “Getting’ it on”, “Mary’s bringin’ it on”, and my personal favorite “Pugs in Space”.  These tunes are played by our gruesome foursome FIshFace featuring, Luke Stoddard the “Gravity Well”, who’s beats are so low he has his own Event Horizon.  Jason Primavera, or “Doctor E” with his fingers of wonder swirling in time.  Jesse Harding the “Key Master”, who is still waiting for the gate keeper.  And rounding out our quartette is Hadley Soffe, the “Foundation”, the only man who had been there and done that. 

FishFace!  In the Music section.